Open Every Friday - 9:00PM - 12:00AM EST
Primal | Ultros | Mist | W. 20 | P. 48
The Foundry is the newest tavern & venue with that small town feel. Serving drinks, food, and live entertainment!
We hope to see you there!

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PW: TheFoundry

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    Established 2024

    Founded by Cold World in March 2024, The Foundry is inspired after the small town pubs found across the UK. We maintain that small town feel while catering to large crowds!At The Foundry, we encourage SFW roleplay, but it is not required!That being said, we have gamba, giveaways, contests and more! If you wish to just sit back and enjoy the music, or strut your stuff out on the dance floor, you are more than welcome to do so!Also please be advised that The Foundry is a NON-ERP venue. Any sexual chat should be kept PRIVATE. Violators will be asked to leave.Please keep your weapons and minions hidden at all times.We hope you enjoy your stay!

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      Built and designed with inspiration from the pubs & taverns in small towns across the United Kingdom, The Foundry focuses on bringing that small town feel while still serving large crowds of people from all across Eorzea warm food and cold drinks!

      Rent The Foundry

      Want to rent out The Foundry for your own event? We cater to weddings, parties, Free Company events, bards and more!
      If this is something you're interested in, please fill out the form below, or contact Cold World on our Discord!

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      Cold World - Owner/Manager

      Cold World, being a bard herself is a huge supporter of bards and bands and wanted to plant her seed within the community by opening up a venue for fellow bards, as well as giving herself a place to play!While she roleplays as a "her," in real life Cold World is in fact a guy. He's down to earth, friendly, helpful and overall someone who wants to make friends and give back to the community that has given him so much!

      Ivelios - Bartender

      A Mor Dhonan native, Veli built himself on the idea of dabbling in a little of everything and knowing how to make trouble with it.From throwing fisticuffs in the sands of Thanalan to returning to the artisan crafts of his heritage, this no name swamp rat made his name through information brokering during his adventures.No longer waking up under the bar, he's now the friendly face serving drinks behind it, among his many other odd talents.

      Sarah Kingsly - Greeter

      Sarah has always liked adventure, but with some downtime in her journey, she decided to chill at a cool and friendly place. She ended up at The Foundry where she has meet some chill people!

      Yekeharen Kharlu - Server


      Laria Deasi - Asst. Manager

      Laria can always be seen towards the back of the venue welcoming guests and helping staff.She's sweet like sugar, but can be a force to be reckoned with when trouble comes brewing in The Foundry.You may see her open every once and awhile, and chances are, if you have questions, she can answer them, or find the answer for you.

      Vyn Black - Bartender

      The Foundry's Master MixologistMeet Vyn Black, the devilishly handsome bartender of The Foundry. With a wicked grin and a knack for mixing drinks as bold as his personality, Vyn brings charm and flair to every pour.When not behind the bar, he's known for his willingness to lend a hand, whether it's offering advice or helping others on their quests. Whether you seek liquid courage or lively conversation, Vyn is your guide to the rock 'n' roll spirit of The Foundry.

      Arcana Dawn - Server

      Hiya! I'm Arcana, and I'm pleased as punch to meet you!
      I may get a tad confused from time to time, but I'm always looking to help!
      Whether it be a warm drink on a cold day, or a listening ear when things need listening to, I'm your go-to Mi'qo!



      Gamba is held up on the balcony level of the venue. Look for the semi-circle table with the Triple Triad Board!
      Look for the Chicken in the Gold Suit.
      The Dealer has no association with The Foundry other than being hired to provide their services/entertainment.Any disputes and/or issues must be directed to the Dealer. If there are any further issues, please contact Foundry Staff.

      Death Roll

      Buy-in: Free!1v1 tournament style bracket.
      Bracket will be hosted by:
      - Each player will roll /random 10. Highest roll goes first.
      - Player with the highest /random 10 roll will then do /random.
      - The opponent will then roll /random x (x representing the previous number rolled).
      - Each player will rotate in rolls like the one above until someone reaches 1.
      - If you roll 1, you lose.

      Drinking Games

      Must be purchased at bar!
      Buy-in: 250,000g
      - The bartender will instruct you to do a /random.- If you roll less than 700 you are sloshed and lose immediately.- If you roll 700 or greater you win 4x your money!

      ©Copyright 2024 The Foundry. All Rights Reserved.

      Venue Partners

      Gateway is a new small concert venue in Coeurl. Light SFW RP is welcome but not required.Dancing is encouraged!Gateway's purpose is to provide a venue where bards can satisfy their drive to play music, and where the audience can indulge in their desire to listen and connect.

      Grimlin's Lair is a lively bard venue, focused on bringing the music to life and providing you with the upmost entertainment while the bards provide you with the best music for the evening.

      Archer's Den is a chill SFW hangout for bards and their adoring fans.When open, the Den will have multiple live bard performances with a broad variety of music.

      Meracydia Entertainment focuses on bringing the best Bards, Bands, Performers & Venues to light!With Meracydia, you're guaranteed second-to-none quality entertainment from any of our signed members.

      First served in Garlemald and brought over to Eorzea, our amazing pizza place located in scenic Mist will truly tempt you!Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that we deliver! Whether it's a Free Company house, private residence, or a venue, we've got you covered on all World Servers and Data Centers!

      Blue Moon Rising is a spacious wine bar, that also hosts a stage for bards and bands.Sit back, relax and enjoy the music while you sip on some of Eorzea's finest wines and most delicant desserts.

      Sodalicious is based on the late 50s or 60s where they had soda jerks who worked in soda shops.All they sold was brandless soda. Until the brands started coming in they were pushed outta work or pushed over the brandless sodas.Not only do they sell amazing drinks, and amazing sweet treats, but they host a beautiful stage and allow bards to showcase their talent.

      The Losers Club (TLC) is a dream of letting everyone be able to enjoy the ups and downs of enjoying gamba while providing the best of vibes, come out to see us! We also have live bard bands!

      Huckleberry Saloon prides itself on the core values of kindness, respect and inclusivity while showcasing some of the best bard bands and dance troupes out there.Grab your cowboy hats and learn to square dance, because at the Huckleberry, you're gonna have a rootin' tootin' good time!

      The Mortuary is a gothic themed restaurant with an amazing menu, as well as wonderful seating, complimented with a bard stage, and gamba!

      Bun N' Bean Bistro is your hometown one stop shop for incredibly crafted food, deliciously smooth drinks, and a bard stage for live music.If you're looking for quality service with smiling faces, You're in the right place at BnB!

      & Performers

      Cold World has arrived in Eorzea! A new and upcoming bard that loves to bring smiles to people's faces with great music.

      The Meowsfits are bringing punk rock to eorzea. Their playful banter on stage matches the fast riffs they play.

      Dance Troupe G is a small family of friends that enjoy dancing and performing with other bards and bands so we can pull in a bigger crowd!We offer a very unique and organic performance.

      A young woman from La Noscea who left her old life behind to pursue her dreams and become a traveling bard.